The three steps to calculating your Earnings per Hour

Stack o Pennies

A true saver knows how much cash they can stack per week. You might think, Who Cares! I already know what my salary is, why would I need to know my earnings per hour? This gives you a reference point when your estimating how long it...

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Bonds in a Low Interest Rate Environment (Part 2)


Now that you are well armed with information on bonds, in today’s environment, why would you buy them? For many Savers, the decision to hold bonds right now is based on a belief in continued stagnant interest rates or as a deflationary hedge. Think about...

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Bonds in a Low Interest Rate Environment (Part 1)


In today’s ultra-low rate environment bonds are yielding a pittance. Moreover, at some point the central banks of both Canada and the US will need to relent and allow rates to increase moderately. For savers trying to construct a conservative portfolio this puts us in...

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The True Cost of a Cup of Coffee


Every day you go to work and when the end of the month comes hopefully there is some cash left over. But how much are those savings really worth? When you have that moment where you think to yourself, should I buy myself a treat like...

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Getting the most for your Gas Mileage

Pumping Gas

If you’re going to purchase gas on a regular basis, you might as well get your money’s worth. There are a number of reasons for picking a gas station, quality of gas and price being the two most obvious. But given that quality and price...

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